And Gishwhes has come to an end again


I had a ball this year as well.  Awesome team-mates yet again! I think compared to previous years, I also managed to complete more items. I did a total of 16 items (Personal best!) Some of the items I did were:

  • Decorate a bus-stop with uplifting, positive messages (As seen above. I am holding W.)
  • Wear a white bra with message of support and in Flinders Street station supporting Hope Chest (They help women who do survived breast cancer)
  • Become a citizen of one of the smallest nation
  • Knit beanies for babies in Nepal.
  • Get a family clean drinking water supply for a year
  • Make a play-doh reenactment of a headline news
  • Rainbow teeth (I actually used the leftover play-dohs to stick on my teeth. Haha)
  • Broke 3 records in 10 seconds
  • Get 100+ facebook likes on a Hipster Kilroy meme

All photographs/screenshots of the above are on facebook


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