Just my luck!

So last weekend, a friend had a Christmas in July themed party at her place. And the theme was tacky christmas sweaters. Since I didn’t have any tacky christmas sweaters and it was last minute, I decided to order it online. The sweater was only $10 but I needed it by Saturday, so I had to opt for express shipping, which I ended up paying more than the sweater itself – $15!

I was getting nervous because until Friday, I had not received my sweater and the party was at Saturday night. On Saturday morning, I got an email saying that it was “Successfully delivered” and I went out of my whole house and searched for it. And nothing! So I rang them up and complained about it and they said they will check with the driver on Monday.

So no “costume” for the night BUT the next morning(Sunday), that parcel was miraculously at my doorstep!!!! I was sooo annoyed. What are the odds man!!!!!! It turned up exactly after the point I don’t need it anymore. Urgh. What a waste of money because I don’t ever wear sweaters and secondly never wearing one that says “Omg, omg, I saw Santa. I know him!” Off to Salvos it goes.


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