Hola again sway streak

Leaving Melbourne very soon – on the 11th. Second half of the year is a year of travelling! So excited, especially sicne I am doing it with so many different bunch of people. I am gonna drive everyone crazy with my sleep-kicking ahahahahha.

Anyway I have noticed since my birthday passed, that sway streak is back. OMG can I say I have never been sooooooo happy to actually embrace sway streak. When it went missing, it came back with a bang non-stop in the past months including unexpected death. ( R.I.P mami ) So I rather it just stuck around with me as per normal.

Example, yesterday my bag strap suddenly broke and the bag fell on the floor and I ended up tripping on it and fell as well. Hahaha.

Then today I had to take out the bins in my house and it was so dark and I couldn’t see so inserted the wrong key in the gate and had to spend like 15mins in the cold pouring rain to try and take the key out again. Didn’t bring my phone with me either. Perfecto!

Anyhow sway streaks are always so hilarious even though when I tell people, they get mortified. Like people, it’s normal. Life’s liddat. Okay maybe my life’s liddat. That is why it is never boring and people around me are forever entertained. You.are.welcome.


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