How greedy

So today I was walking back to work after lunch and had my headphones in and someone ran up to me, tapped on my shoulder and said “You dropped this” and left. It was a five dollar note. Like waaahhhh. I knew it did not drop it. But at the same time I am so broke and pay day is in 2 days and all I had to survive for 2 days was the $5 in my wallet. So I did not end up telling him it was not mine. So I decided to be dishonest, greedy and keep it.  (Technically, he would have kept it and it wasn’t his either, so I don’t feel guilt.)

I was recently told that it is bad luck to pick up money. I never knew that. Maybe that is how I accumulated all my sway streak. So technically I did not pick up the note, so hopefully I don’t attract more sway streak.


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