Around the world

So I came across a list which actually states 65 experiences you should do around the world.
I have actually done(7/65):
12. Relax in a cafe in Montmartre in Paris.
15. See the changing of the guard in London.
16. Go to the opera in Sydney.
26. Visit Stonehenge.
40. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
49. Enjoy a traditional cup of tea in London.
62. Visit the Pura Lempuyang in Indonesia.
I have visited these places but missed doing these experiences(10/65):
1. Throw a coin and make a wish in the Trevi Fountain in Italy. – We actually did visit the fountain but it was closed for renovation 😦
2. Go zorbing in New Zealand. – Really wanted to do this but did not have time/opportunity. 
7. Eat Sushi at the Jiro restaurant in Tokyo. – It is extremely difficult to get a booking there!
13. Ski in the Swiss Alps. – It was summer plus I can’t ski
30. Attend a festival of floating lanterns in Thailand. – Dont think we ever went there during festival time!
43. Dress up as a geisha and walk the streets of Kyoto, Japan. – The placed we stayed at offered this, but didnt have time!
48. Eat the tastiest pizza in the world in Naples. – Didnt know that they had the tastiest pizza in the world!
53. Cuddle a baby tiger at the Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai, Thailand – Did not visit Tiger Kingdom
60. Make a call from a London phone booth. – I did go in one for fun but didnt have anyone to call
63. Bungee jump in New Zealand. – Wanted to do this so badly but no time/opportunity
Looks like I still have 50+ experiences to complete 😀

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