Bye Dexter


I have just finished watching Dexter. It was hard to stay away from the ending and all I knew is people ranting about how bad  the ending was alright. I know many people hated it. I didn’t exactly hate it but it wasnt disappointing either and I think maybe because I did know it disappointed many so maybe I anticipated it.

Personally, it was one of the shows I enjoyed watching. One of my friends actually told me that only psychopaths enjoy the show, which I hardly beg to differ. I think the whole reason why I enjoyed the show was really  because of all the suspense of “Omg, now what”and I think this series is able to keep you on the edge most of the time. I remmeber when I initally watched the first season like seven years ago, I hated it. But I decided to try watching it again four years back and I started to enjoy it. Bye dexter.


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