So stress man

While parking my car today, I actually scratched another car (I know, I am so hopeless!). I was extremely sad and stressed cos I have no more money to pay for any damages.

As I was so stressed, I wrote a note to leave on the car and got off to leave a note. But because I was so upset, I ended up locking my car key in the car as I keep thinking about how I have no money. Matt had a flight due in a hour and his bag was in the boot and I was so worried that he will miss his flight because of me.

I called my roadside assist to unlock my car and while I was on the phone, the car owners actually came and drove off the car. They didnt see the damages but I didn’t get a chance to tell them I scratched the car or put a note on the car. I didn’t take down their number plate either. RACV came within half hour and unlocked my car. Matt’s flight was also delayed for half hour so he managed to get his bag from the boot and check in and board the flight. So drama.


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