The power of sorry

This morning the windows were foggy and as I was driving out, I had to make a turn and because the windows were foggy, I couldn’t really see and just assumed no cars were coming and made my turn. But obviously there was a car and I end up hitting it. Luckily both our cars were going not more than 30km/h so it didn’t cause any major damages to us or our cars.

We parked to the side street and as I got out of my car, the other driver got out and yelled with his hands up in the air “I don’t get how you didn’t see me coming” and I just went sadly “I am soo sorry” and then he suddenly became all calm and nice and said “It’s okay, things like these happen” and we exchanged details.

What I was so amazed about was how he was soooo angry and pissed off but the moment I said sorry (and I honestly meant it because it was my fault) he actually accepted my apology and calmed down and even consoled me haha.

I know a lot of people in different situations can’t bring themselves to admit that they are wrong and say sorry but it is such a powerful word if you really mean it, it always make a difference especially when the other person accepts it. I am also stubborn when I am not in the wrong and know that saying sorry would make the problem/situation better, I never do it cos I can never accept that kinda unfairness ;P


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