Oh I know I have not been blogging and regularly for quite a while now. I have been so busy to even watch dramas/series recently so I am not blogging about those either. So I thought I should get back into the habit of doing it again (Yeah yeah I say it all the time).

We went to the footy last Friday. I know I don’t follow sports but footy is pretty big here. And even though I don’t follow it, I have to admit I do know some basics and teams etc because you just can’t avoid not hearing anything about it everywhere you go. So anyhow I managed to snag free tickets to go watch it live.

It was a really interesting experience and atmosphere to watch it live. I think next year I definitely want to go and watch the Australia Open (Tennis) live as well. I mean it is kinda embarrassing that despite living here for over 6 years, I have never watched it live.


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