I’m the worst tango dancer ever


So I went for a free Tango class yesterday and I found out that I can never ever dance Tango. Hahaha. I am the worst Tango dancer ever. I can’t even dance or do basic steps and I was driving the instructor and everyone else in the class crazy. Because they tried to “teach” me like a million times and I just didn’t get it.

You know how movies and shows make fun of a bad dancer who is stepping on people, tripping etc and just doing all the steps wrong. Yup  that is totally me. I bet everyone I danced with, hated me so bad cos I sucked big time and they were trying to teach me and yet I seemed so dumb and not to get it.

Oh well at least I tried it. I don’t think I will venture out to try tango again but I have my eyes on trying out salsa now hahaha


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