Shows I recently watched


So on the plane to London,  I found this show called ‘Selfie’ and decided to watch it. Whilst watching it, I realised that the main actress looked so much like Karen Gillan but I was confused because that chick was speaking with an American accent and I was like but Karen’s got a totally different accent since she is Scottish. When I watched the second episode, they had the names introduction and I was like aha it is her!

Anyway, I enjoyed that show and I am quite a fan of John Cho who was the main male cast so I came back and decided to look for it so I could continue watching it, before I devastatingly found out that the series only consisted of 1 season and 13 episodes because it was cancelled. So annoyed. Here’s another good series that people decided to cancel. Oh well.


Anyway also completed the 3rd season of The Tudors which means I have 1 more season to go. I have had spoilers by reading wikipedia all about them because I just couldn’t resist but what else waas interesting was when I went to London, I went to Windsor castle which got me pretty excited because it felt like I knew so much about them!


Finally, also watched Saikou no Rikon. It was really nice but wasn’t my type of drama because it was basically about married life and getting along etc etc.


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