Racist bitch.

This happened when I was in Singapore during transit back to Melbourne from my Europe holidays. So, we were going out for dinner for my mom’s birthday. So the bus we took was pretty crowded and we obviously had to stand. So as we moved down the bus, I ended up standing opposite this lady.

She looked at me and immediately put her hand over her mouth and turned away. I was fuming, like WTF, why did she do that. So I stared at her hardcore for 2 minutes to see if she would remove her hands. But no she didn’t she continued to look her away and place her hand on her nose.

Like wtf sia? Why is she trying to say that I stink is it? Hello I had a bath before I left the house and I was wearing Miss Dior perfume. I just couldn’t take it anymore. To give her the benefit of doubt, I was like maybe she didn’t like my perfume smell. So I tapped her on the shoulder (She must have gone home and bathed for like hours, since my brown skin came in contact with her “bright coloured skin”.) and asked her “Are you okay?”

She looked at me with such shock. She still had her hand on her mouth and didn’t reply me and just looked at me with disgust. I repeated, “Is something wrong?” No reply from her. “Or are you just being RACIST?” she just continued looking at me with the same stupid face without saying anything and was starting to look guilty and embarrassed. My mom then pushed me inside because she didn’t want me to cause a scene.

Oh yeah and after I walkd away, she took her hands from her nose. LIKE WTFF right, I wanted to go back and slap her face for her stupidity.

I was honestly not looking to pick a fight or anything lor. I just wanted to know why she was acting like a moron. If I don’t fucking stink, don’t act like I do just because I have a skin colour that people associate with smelly and dirty. Can’t believe there are still morons like her in Singapore


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