Omg I met Jensen :D


I was a fan of Jensen since the Smallville days over 10 years ago and he’s one of the reason why I even started watching Supernatural! And then, I realised the show was really so good and awesome and I became hooked. I mean it has already 10 seaons and have been renewed until Season 12. Like how awesome of a show must it be, right! It’s soooo cool to meet someone whom I’ve had admired for over 10 years but I handled it pretty well compared to some girls who actually fainted or started crying after they met Jensen!


But I was pretty ‘’s.osric’ when I met Osric and I didn’t even react to hug him back until after the photo was taken. Osric was one of the cast that I was hoping so badly they would bring out to Australia and I am so glad they did. He’s brilliant and I also loved that he’s sucha fan like us as well.


So when Jared cancelled, they tried to reach out to anyone else who could make it (It’s really hard considering it was last minute!) I was soo overjoyed when they announced Tim because I am also a Psych fan and I absolutely loved him as Lassie. I mean what would Psych be without good ol’ Lassie! He’s hilarious as well. Sucha nice bonus when he was announced and soo happy that gotta meet him.


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