I met the Doctor!!!


So when I went up to Matt Smith for his autograph and he was like, how you going and stuff and I was like ‘Oh good. I’ve got to get to Karaoke after this and I’m very late’ and then he started being apologetic. I was like Omg why are you apologising, like  it is not even your fault. :/ I wasn’t even complaining or being mean. I just gave a reply to your question (This is a good example of how my frankness gets me in awkward situations sometimes!) I felt so bad cos even when I left the table he was like yelling ‘Sorry’, ‘Tell your friends I said hi’, ‘Hope to…’  I felt so bad, I was trying to walk off the place as fast as possible. Oh well, he is really nice and hilarious as well, so it was a fantastic chance to have met him.


I was really really excited that Alex Kingston was coming down again as well cos the last time she did, she fell pretty ill and so I didn’t get a chance to meet her. I loved her as well. She was sooo motherly and sweet and I loved her laugh and how she calls people sweetie.


And finally Karen Gillan! She is soo gorgeous! I wished that Arthur Darvill had came down too. I mean I did meet Arthur aka Rory last year but I would really to see Amy and Rory together and get a duo with them.. Oh well. But on the bright side, I can say I have met all the main cast from Doctor who’s Eleventh doctor series! Woohoo



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