Backstreet’s back, alright!!!


So, when I was in upper primary, my good friends then, were really into Backstreet Boys and because of that I was also influenced to listen to their songs and know every member. I think there were pretty much the only boy band that I followed and listened to in my teens. I mean they were others, but I didn’t keep myself updated with the members etc.

So anyway, they are doing a world concert and I went to Melbourne’s one yesterday. It was soooo nostalgic. It just brought back so many memories. Interestingly, though I haven’t heard their 90s songs in many many years now, I could still sing along to it.. Wow. What was even more interesting was when they played their newer songs, lesser audience sang and were enthusiastic about it. But when they played their older song, nearly everyone was like singing along, dancing away.

The only thing I didn’t enjoy was, on my right, I was beside some random chick and her friend who just wouldn’t stop screaming in super high pitch voices. I am  pretty sure I have lost 30% of my hearing in my right ear and I really hope it comes back!!! I am serious!!! At one point, I seriously wanted to turn and slap her. I mean yes everyone is screaming and shouting but having an annoying high-pitched voice like them yelling NON-STOP, is ridiculous!!!! Especially to the point where my ear just started ringing. Argh. Even my friends beside me on the other side couldn’t believe what annoying screams those two girls like that. Sway lor, it was me that had to sit beside them.

Anyhow, overall it was a good nostalgic experience except the fact my ear still  hurts!!!!!


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