So touched..

I am currently sponsoring two girls via I have been very lucky to have my parents educate me but I know there are so many out there who don’t have the luxury of doing so. I specifically picked girls because I know how hard it is for girls especially in these countries to get any form of education.

So anyway, I received this letter from one of the girls and it really made me so sad. She said that she had lost her mother in the war and how she had lost all hope because of that. It says how grateful she is to have me pay for her education. There was also another page which she wrote in tamil where she goes on to explain that both her mom and sister were killed in the war which left with just her dad to support her. But it is also very hard for her dad to do so especially because of something else (I need someone to  translate for me because my Tamil wasn’t good enough to understand the whole letter)
 page-1 page-2
Click to view the images – Her thank-you letter to me
I definitely am thinking to sponsor another girl who is probably undergoing University studies. Despite my never-ending sway streaks, I am still so much more luckier than these girls and since I have the capability to help someone out, why don’t I just do that!

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