People who talk loudly on the train

I find it so annoying when people talk extremely loudly on their phones in the train. I don’t mean to  be racist or rude but every single time it is some indian chick. Like sometimes I feel it would be nice if I were entitled to tell them off to be more considerate. It is like in Japan, it is expected of you to not talk on the phone in the train and people have the right to ask you to keep away your phone.

Early last month, I witnessed a fight on the train because this guy was blasting music loudly from his phone and when another passenger asked him to be considerate and turn it down or off, he started yelling that it was none of his business, he has much rights to do whatever he wanted on the train etc etc etc.

Well, I have much rights to read my book on the train and how am I to concentrate if you are loudly chatting in another language. I don’t see me reading my book causing you any inconvinience.


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