I chose new bag over my favourite companion :(


Found out my favourite Dr Who companion, Rose played by Billie Piper is in Adelaide this weekend!  I really wanted to see her, but because it was too late, it meant that I had to spend nearly $500 on a day trip to meet her.

My other dilemma was that both my bag and wallet were in pretty bad condition. I had another wallet but it wouldn’t fit into my bag because it was long so the rational decision was to buy a new bag. I prefer spending lots more money on bags/wallets than shoes and clothings because I usually want them to last longer.

So I had to make up my mind if I wanted to get a new bag or fly to Adelaide to meet Billie Piper. Well after much consideration, I decided that as much as I would love to meet Billie, it would just be a waste of money and it’s more practical and wiser to get a new bag. Oh well, I hope she comes to Melbourne one day.


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