Heya Robin

So this time I didn’t really have much stars that I really wanted to see because the ones I wanted to see couldn’t make it any longer 😦 But then it was a good chance for me to walk around and actually have a look around at cosplayers and exhibitors. I did try to take photos at the event, but sadly I am still have crappy photo-taking skills.


But I am pretty excited about having the chance to buy some merchandise. I got this Spiderman dress, which I absolutely loved and would wear it to the next event. I also got a Batman dress (before I saw the spiderman one, else I wouldn’t have bought it) and two t-shirts.


I was talking to other fans and everyone had similar wonderful experiences with Robin Lord Taylor. I had my usual hair in the face thingy to deal with and he was absolutely lovely and chatted a bit before I was chased off as they were running late.

And then I heard there was another chick tv show star there (whom I didn’t initially know who she was because I didn’t watch the shows she starred in though they were really popular tv shows in early 00s.) Anyway I heard firsthand stories of her being rude which was pretty interesting to me.



  1. U get to take pics with stars again! Haha another photo to yr collection on the right of your blog’s interface 😛 Hopefully one day u can take a pic with one of the originals’ stars! Anyways blog updated!

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