The Rosie Project


I finished reading The Buried Giant for book club. Though I did finish the book, I didn’t really enjoy it much. It was as if I was reading it for the sake of reading it. Anyway after that I started on The Rosie Project. I have been seeing the book around for a while but I think when I saw this guy reading the book on the train, I was like hmmm maybe I should read that book too. This book is definitely going to my favourite books list. It was funny and I absolutely loved how Graeme had portrayed the character Dom. It just felt like a very real person speaking to me (maybe it is just me!)

Being Human series 5

And finally farewell to another series I have completed watching – Being Human (UK version). Well personally I thought after Season 5 will be pretty disappointing and boring because all the original main cast had already left the series. But I thought it was still good



  1. I think sometimes reading individual novels alone by itself is interesting too! Can’t be reading series all the time haha. Anyways I understanding the feeling of one of your favourite shows ending :/ Nvm can always rewatch!

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