Farewell Breaking Bad

So I ended up making an offer on a house and the owner accepted it, which was great. The house is kinda crappy and eugh, but I am thinking of owning it for investment purposes anyway. So I will probably end up renting it out most of the time and when the time comes, I will make the decision to renovate it or sell it for profit.

I am only legally the owner in mid July so hopefully no hiccups before that. I have got to do a lot of things before that as well. Settle my home loan, find a lawyer to do the title transfer etc etc. I am glad the house hunt is over, but that means I have now a mortage to pay for the next 25 years. So fun *sarcasm*


Oh I just completed watching Breaking Bad and it is so sad it has come to an end. I have to agree with the world that it is a very good series. Strangely, I didn’t really like one of the Seasons (3 or 4?)  because I found it boring and draggy for some reasons.

I think the second half of Season 5 was so awesome and I love it. The finale was awesome too. Not heaps of show can make good finales, but I am really content and happy with Breaking Bad’s finale.



  1. I actually thought that owning a house will be real cool! But since u are owning it for investment purposes anyways then it’s alright too, may it generate income for u in future hahaha. But hopefully next time u can buy your own comfy house that you can call your home 😀

    Not like sg want buy a literal house(not flat), wait long long ah HAHAHA

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