Thank you nice officer

I forgotten my Myki (Ez-link) and only realized it when I reached the station, which was too late for me to go back and get it. So I had to buy a new card, which is like $6 and had to further top it up with $20 value.

When I reached the train station, I couldn’t tap out which was strange. However there are always train inspectors in the morning so he let me through and examined my card. He said that the card was not tapped in the first place which meant it was $200 fine.

I told him that I forgot my card and I had to buy a new card today and topped it up with value. I wasn’t sure if it was not working because of that and he told me clearly that the card was working but it was not activated at the station. I was so confused, but I think he knew I was telling the truth and warned me that next time it would be a $200 fine and deducted the trip amount from my card. Later I tried recalling, and probably with the whole chaos of buying a new card, I might have forgot to tap at the station to begin with.

Anyway the day continued to be full of sway events happening but I survived and overall I was glad that the ticket inspector was nice and I didn’t kena a $200 fine for my absent-mindedness.


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