Y U NO sell me your house?

So yesterday I went for this house auction. I mean the land size was big but the house itself was kinda old and needed a lot of renovation work. There were like a couple of people at the auction but when the auctioneer was asking for a starting price, no one wanted to bid and when I put forward 350k, no one bid against me which was hilarious.

And because it was too low, the auctioneer had to increase it to 370k which again I was the only one who bid for it because my budget for the house was 390k. But because it was still lower than the price that was set by the owner, and though I had “won” the auction, I was asked to negotiate with the owners.

So after like some discussions, I was firm that I wouldn’t go above 390k and that would be my final offer. The wife (I think they are seperated which is why they are probably selling the house to get their share) agreed with the price but the husband was very rude and arrogant.

I could hear from my room, the husband yelling things like “I will not sell it below 400k”, “Stop playing games with me” blah blah. So eventually the sale did not happen and the agent apologised.

Like seriously yo, I was the only person who even bid on your house and yet you don’t wanna sell it to me. -__- Your neighbour who had a bigger land only sold it for 360k last month. Why so greedy yo! I curse that you end up selling at a much lower price and regret upon your stupidity.


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