What’s wrong with you people!

I was on the train and two homeless men – one probably in his twenties and other in his late forties got on the train and sat opposite me. They were clearly being loud and noisy but I couldn’t hear what they were saying as I was hearing music and it didn’t bother me anyway. After awhile, the older man placed his coffee cup (with coffee in it!) on the floor and stepped on it. It splashed the coffee everywhere and both homeless men found it super amusing and were laughing hysterically.

Then the younger guy decided to do the same thing. He took packet of coconut juice and stepped on it. This time it ended up splashing on my legs. I glared at them and went “Why did you do that for? That is a really stupid thing you are doing on the train”

The older guy started telling off the younger guy and the younger guy turned to me and went “I’m sorry, it will come off if you wash it” and I replied “So? I am going out now. That’s not very nice of you to do that!” They were not mean and they knew they did something stupid and they were apologetic so maybe that is why I remained calm, else I’m pretty sure I would have just yelling or something.

Anyway, I shall blame my sway streak in getting splashed. Don’t cry ppl, life’s liddat.


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