Some dramas I watched recently

the hour

I ended up watching The Hour. The thing I enjoyed most about the show was the relationship between Bel and Freddie. I just loved how they were best friends in love. I also love the way Freddie calls Bel moneypenny. Haha.


Another show I watched recently was Papadoru. Well it is just another typical drama. Ryo acts as himself who is famous star and he is secretly married and have to keep the whole thing a secret. I still love Mukodono(2001) more than this show but it has brother Ryo in who cares haha.


Initially I was confused because everytime I counted Kanjani8, there would only be seven members and I was like where is the eighth member?? And then I realized that it Uchi Hiroki and he is obviously no longer part of Kanjani8. I remember watching Uchi in Isshun no Kaze in Nare which wasn’t really my cup of tea and I think I was also disappointed with the show because I was a huge NEWS fan when I decided to watch it, but it ended up just being bleaugh.


Oh apparantly he was also in Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge as well. Like I don’t even remember him being in that show. I only remember Kame and Tegoshi.. hahaha. I loved some aspects of the show like the relationship between all of them and hated some aspects of the show because it was just so fake.

shawn and gus

Also I have added Psych series to my favourite shows list. I’m halfway through it – Season 4 and it’s still hilarious and mysterious It’s so much fun to watch it. I’m glad I stumbled upon it last year!


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