What a moron!

So my sway streak has obviously (as predicted) not ended now that we are in 2015. So far yesterday would be the worst day since 2015 started (which is only like 2 weeks :/) Everything that can go wrong in a day, infact happened. So anyway my “highlight” of my sway-streak filled day was this rude middle-aged AM I met.

So there was me, a guy and a Japanese lady who is probably a year or two older than me sitting and having such lovely conversations until this random middle-aged AM came and sat on the sofa. And we were all like wtf and he didn’t introduce himself and just started talking to the Japanese lady. And then the awkwardness begun. He totally ignored me and the other guy because he was clearly just trying to hit on the Japanese lady.

And throughout his 30minutes (It felt that long, it might be longer or shorter, I don’t know) the only question he asked me was “So, do you cook?” and when I answered “No” he prompted and asked if anyone else I stayed with cooked and I said “Not really,” and the asshole replied “Oh that can’t be true, because you are not thin,” And then he went on to say how I can make salads as it is cheap and healthy. LIKE SERIOUSLY WTF??

I know I am fat but you don’t have to be so rude and sarcastic and rub it in my face especially when I don’t fucking know who you are and neither do you? So fucking shallow you totally judged me without even speaking a word to me.

If you were my friend and you said that to me and make such jokes, I am totally fine. Infact my friends and I joke about how I am not “thin enough to blah blah blah” or how dark I am etc. But coming from someone I don’t even know, just makes me sooo pissed off.

Like I would have totally snapped and asked him to ‘Fuck off’ because he was so rude to firstly just barge into our conversation and secondly just being a rude asshole. But I just didn’t want to be petty and make a scene especially since I knew most people at the place and didn’t want to make it awkward for everyone and get us kicked out or something.



  1. You know, I have seen your tweets and after reading your blog post I also feel damn pissed on your behalf.

    Wth, he’s like some middle aged old man who probably doesn’t have the looks either, and here he comes shamelessly trying to pick up and flirt with other people. Desperate much? Perhaps he should have a look in the mirror first. Look at how much of a thick-skinned old desperate dude he is first before judging others based on their appearances and making personal attacks.

    Let’s hope this cb geseki gets his just deserts one day!

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