Watched the wrong show again!!!!

So the beginning of this year I ended up watching the wrong Korean show because they were so closely named and I did the same mistake again! So everyone had work have been talking about this show Utopia and referencing daily tasks to the show Utopia. I was also asked to watch the show by a number of colleagues.


So, based on what I had heard from my colleagues, I assumed that it was a show similar to Parks and Recreations or The Office. However when I started watching the show, I realised that it was nowhere near what I had assumed it was. Infact, I started to get impatient because I could not relate any of the happenings in the show to work. So once I reached the second last episode, I was convinced that I must be watching the wrong show.


Initially I thought that maybe I had spelt it wrongly so I decided to google the name and add comedy. And voila, indeed I have been watching the wrong show! The show I was supposed to be watching was an Australian series and the one I had been watching was a British series and coincidentally both were new shows with the same name. Argh! So yeah once I started watching the “correct” Utopia, it made sense.


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