Sometimes my sway streak is quite amusing.

Like for example today, for the very first time, I decided to get eyelash extensions done by the salon in a shopping centre. So just as she nearly finishing one eye, I heard some evacuation alarm and sounds and shortly after she finished my right eye, someone ran into the room asking us to leave as there is a potential fire hazard and we were both like omg what?

And then they actually started closing all the shops and moved us out of the building. I was starting to freak out because they said that we might all need to go back home and I was like “I can’t go back with fake eyelash in one eye!! Especially since I had a Christmas party, like how am I to face everyone. I will probably be such a joke.

Thankfully, the management said it was a false alarm and we were allowed to go back in, so I could have my other eye done as well. It wasted like an hour of my time, but thankfully they allowed us back into the building!


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