Language exchange

So I decided to go for a meetup event yesterday where learners of Japanese, Korean and Chinese as well as native speakers joined. It was really interesting to meet the various people and talk to them! So I met Maki-san who told me that there was a casual Japanese-English conversation exchange that was taking place after the event and native English speakers and Japanese speakers can speak to each other and practice their language.

I decided to go check it out. It was really very interesting as I got to meet various Japanese who have either come to Melbourne to study or work on working holiday visa and I found it interesting that apparantly if they want their visa extended, they have to do a 3 month farm stay!

Most of the Japanese I met, spoke English so well that put my Japanese to shame, though they refuse to believe that their English is good!

Apparantly, there is a couple of times a week these exchanges happens and they do so in various places. However I think that the Saturday meetup seems to be the best option for me, so I might try to go down every Saturday evening when I have nothing on. It might be easier for me to do so in Summer, but I probably get lazier in Winter.. haha.



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