Letters in the post

So, I decided to  apply for Australian Citizenship and my Application was approved. Woohoo. Well I  thought since I rarely have any oppotunity to go back Singapore nowadays and the last time I went back was like more than a year and half ago, I’m probably better off applying citizenship here. So now I have to wait for the ceremony which can take up to six months before I officially become an Australian citizen. On the sad side, since Singapore doesn’t allow Dual citizenship, I would have to renounce my Singapore citizenship. 😦 Oh well.

And I also decided to apply for Melbourne University Law School. Honestly I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get in, but I thought no harm in trying my luck and did so, and as expected they rejected me.. hahaha.. Anyway I applied it before I got into a car accident, so now I’m broke to study anything anywhere since I bought  a new car etc, so even if I had gotten in, I would have ended up rejecting it anyway.



  1. Grats on getting your citizenship approved! Haiz, honestly I think it’s a pity that you have to renounce your sg citizenship, even though u haven’t been back here for quite some time. But then I believe u have your reasons to want to settle down in australia so i’m happy for u! Haha, take this as a brand new start to a brand new life there, may everything be good. But do come back for visits yea! As a “tourist” haha!

    And the car accident was unprecedented, just like my shit accident so dun think about it too much. Anyways, law school seems cool! Being a lawyer is like so interesting. You can always try again next year after you have saved up some money if you are really keen on the course. If not u can consider doing something else, like maybe life science? Hehe *smirks*

    1. Ya it would be soo cool if Singapore allowed dual citizenship. Oh well. I am sure SIngapore has changed sooo much since I last been there more than a year and half ago! Hahaha.

      Ooohhh life sciences sound cool as well, but I think I am not smart enough for it either. I applied for accounting last year and got in. Same for psychology but I was advised not to take it cos it needs alot of years of studies

      1. The last time was that time when we met up at JP right haha. Aiyoooo I also not that smart but I go science 😛

        So did u accept the accounting? Anws since I had so much free time, I think like u I’m going to start revising my Jap again haha. Can’t let all that money spent on lessons go to waste!

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