Attack of the bad subtitles


So after a very very long time, I decided to watch a Korean show. As a fan of Lee Jun Ki, I was recommended Two Weeks and was told that it is definitely so much better than the last show of his that I watched – Arang and the magistrate. So I decided to watch it. Indeed it was interesting and suspensing, but it had really really bad subbing!


What is worse, is that this is a very serious show, but the whole subtitles issue had made it into such a joke that I can’t sstop laughing at the bad subtitles. It felt as if they were making up their own story and trying to convince us that, it was really what  the character in the show was saying.


I was annoyed and amused. Annoyed because it was a really good show but I had to put up with really bad subtitles and guess what is happening half the time since it was so bad and wrong. And the reason I am amused is pretty obvious. I wish I could have had the time and took the effort to screenshot every single wrong subtitles, but I can’t, so I have just screen shot the ones that crack me up so much and posted it on twitter.


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