R.I.P first car :(

bye car

Haiz so sway today, kena into accident and my car is gone ;( So usually I always keep my distance between cars because I have seen how horrible some drivers can be. In fact I hate it when some cars drive so close to me that I will slow down, so they get the hint and overtake me and go. And I usually keep a 1 and half car gap between mine and the car infront of me.

So anyway, at a merging lane, when all the cars were like nearly bumper to bumper each other, the lady in front of me suddenly braked and I braked as well, but then it was too late and I ended up hitting her. She came out and profusely apologised but then, though my car hit hers, hers was just dented, whereas mine was in a condition that is no longer repairable and had to be towed away.

I guess I am just furious that even though I am so careful about maintaining my distance between cars and avoiding such situations, it still happened. Argh!


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