Farewell, another one of my faves – How I met your mother


HIMYM is one of my favourite sitcoms and I have been watching it for years. In fact, it was the first English sitcom I started watching *gasps*.  Anyway I heard alot of people ranting about how they hated the ending and I did not want to be spoiled with the ending and hence I decided to watch it finish.

I won’t comment any spoilers, but because I had heard so much about people’s reaction, I sort of predicted the ending and I was correct *gasps again*, perhaps maybe I wasn’t as angry and disappointed as many.

kaseifu no mita

Interesting how coincidental it was that Kaseifu no Mita was a second Japanese drama in a row I watched, where the lead character doesn’t smile. Initially I thought this might be kinda draggy for me, but it turned out to be something that kept me engaged. Also the guy who played the father in the show looked way too young for his role, and I just couldn’t see him as a father, which was weird. I think I’m so used to always seeing older person playing a father role in most Japanese dramas.

Majo no jouken

I think the last show I remember watching Matsushima Nanako was years ago in Majo no Joken. I think the drama had an interesting storyline, but I think I found it abit draggy and dull then, though now seeing all the other shows I have watched, this is probably quite alright.


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