Some people need to lighten up!

So one of the tasks I decided to take on for GISHWHES, which I thought was fairly simple was to give Starbucks an absurd name and capture the moment they announce the drink and name. So I decided on Marshmallow. Simple, not complicated. And since I was ordering Hot chocolate, it would be “Hot chocolate for Marshmallow”.

So the guy who asked my name was slightly confused but he took it down. However, this Asian girl who handled my order, just simply refused to call the name I gave! She did call out name and drinks of everyone before me, when when it was my drink, she just went tall hot chocolate like a two times and since no one came forward, I suspected it was my drink.

When I came up, she was demanded “What’s your name?” and I was like “Marshmallow”. And then she replied “So the drink is yours.” and I was like geez what a downer. I have seen and photos videos of staff calling out more aburd names without being interrogated.

Speaking of which, did I ever show off my Doctorate for my participation last year?



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