Kinder Surprise, what a surprise indeed!


So today I bought some kinder surprise hoping to get one of these marvel toys as shown below. I already had Captain America from the one I bought last week so I was hoping to get Spiderman or anything else. But when I opened my Kinder surprises, I found these instead.


Like seriously!??! What the heck is this???? I feel so cheated. WHAT IS THIS??? These are not what is being advertised or so you would think until you look at the box again.


If you look carefully, it is there! And then you start counting the “13 toys to be discovered” and realize there is only 10 marvel toys unless you include this useless junk as three varieties, then it adds up to 13. OMG. I feel so cheated. Well done, kinder surprise. Well done. You have succeeded in surprising me indeed.


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