Zettai Reido Season 2


I think Zettai Reido 1 was definitely more awesome that 2, but then again, 2 wasn’t a major disappointment. It was interesting to see them go undercover to solve the crimes, but then again their main plot was so typical and predictive. Urgh.


For some bizzare reason and I am not sure why, this show sort of reminds me of Remote. I watched Remote years and years ago and I faintly remember that show. All I remember was Domoto never left his room and used that lady to help gather information and then go on to solve the mystery and that it was a good show?


I also ended up watching Monsters. I think I have reached the stage where I have accepted that now all Japanese dramas are going to be repetitive and typical, so maybe either because of that or Yamapi himself, I actually found this drama nice, which is ironic, because I think this was a flop or something? Probably because I like Yamapi and I love when he doesn’t do emo/”too-cool” roles. Maybe that is why I found it interesting and funny. It’s all in the biasness.


So the last episode of Monsters starred Nakamura Aoi. I think he has improved so much since Q.E.D. I mean that show was pretty bad and his acting was pretty bad as well. Thankfully he seemed to have improved so much since.


Maybe I was pretty disappointed because I had watched Galileo before this show and that was pretty amazing. He uses science to solve mysteries and it was pretty cool to watch and go “Woah, science”.


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