Emma and Rory

For some reason, I actually liked Season 2 of Once Upon a Time more than Season 1 and I don’t know why. If you love fairy tales and magic, then OUAT is awesome. My favourite characters in the show so far are Emma Swan and Mr. Gold. I think they are brilliant. And it was awesome that Jennifer Morrison who plays Emma Swan, actually came to Australia and I got to meet her!


Speaking of which, I had been intending to watch the Eleventh Doctor for a while but I just didn’t get to it. I mean I pretty much know what happens to Amy Pond and Rory 😦 thanks to tumblr, so I didn’t really want to watch it yet since I was still getting over the Tenth Doctor. So anyway since I heard Rory was coming over to Australia, I decided to watch Season 5 finally and as usual, it is awesome as always. So yeah I got to meet Arthur Darvill as well! 😀



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