O.m.g. I got to meet Stan Lee

If you are wondering who he is – You know Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Thor, Avengers, X-Men? Of course you do! Well he was the man who actually co-created all these amazing characters!!! So yeah he is a legend and it was such an honour to meet him!!

At 91 years old, he is extremely energetic, humorous and humble to all his fans!

I’m not a comic book collector, but I managed to get this first edition of Amazing Spiderman #107 for him to sign.

As a super huge Doctor Who fan, it was super exciting to have met “Captain Jack”. John Barrowman is hilarious. He also brought his boyfriend Scott along and it was amazing.

Ming-Na Wen is sooo gorgeous!! And she is frigging 51, but seriously, she looks like 31 maxmium!!! She was soo lovely as well and I had a really interesting chat with her. Ohh not to mention she crashed Stan Lee’s panel and that was the best moment!

I also had an interesting meeting and conversation with author Robin Hobb. She was so lovely and though I haven’t read any of her books yet, I am so gonna read them now!


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