I started watching Catfish. Basically it is about people who have a romantic relationship online with another person whom they have never met. Nearly all of the other party turn out to be catfishes, aka people pretending to be someone they are not.

Somehow I feel bad for some of the ‘victims’ but I don’t really feel sorry for them. I mean it is the internet yo! It’s a place that lets you be ANYBODY you want to be! The only ones I really feel sorry for the ones who “fell in love” with the person who ended up not caring about the other person at all or turns out to be a psycho, which happens a few times.

Like the ones who get crushed because their “boyfriend/girlfriend” weren’t that ‘hot girl/guy’, I am like yeah whatever. Not letting you meet/skype them are enough to say that they are probably not that cute guy/girl you think they are.


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