I love supernatural shows


Just started watching Grimm. I think I had this show for a while and some people said it was kinda boring and not that good so I left it to rot for awhile. And for some reason, I decided to pick and watch Season 1. I liked it actually. I mean I loooveeee all these Supernatural kinda shows but I think I found it slightly unique and different. I think it was probably because I had something else in mind what this show was going to be about, so I wasn’t disappointed like many others.


Aww so Being Human UK Season 3 is the last we see Aidan Turner in the series. So far, I am still loving this show. Only because it is unique and not the typical supernatural shows. I would love to see how Season 4 and 5 goes as most of the main cast have already left by then.


Yokai Ninkem Bem is interesting BUT Kame looks way too depressing (I know Bem is supposed to be that way but it really makes the show so emo). Is it based off a manga or anime? Because I need to view/read it then..


I also started watching another British historical drama – The Tudors which it is based on King Henry (Err 6th?) and I have to say that it is really interesting as most of the plot in the first season is true.


Nobody told me Zenkai Girl was a romance drama. O.m.g. I wouldn’t even have started watching this show if I knew it was a romance drama. I thought it was something else. Argh. Hate romance dramas, so I wouldn’t say I enjoyed this show. Just found it draggy and boring because I hate romance drama and they are always the same and predictable. Blah blah blah. But Ryo looks so huggable in this show. Aww


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