My name is Earl and other shows


I  finished watching My name is Earl. This ended many many years ago and my brother used to love watching it, but I only decided to watch it recently. I absolutely loved the series. It was truly hilarious and original. I didn’t like Season 3 so much, but I thought the others were really good! It’s a shame that it ended it four seasons because I am sure that it could have lasted double the time they did. Maybe they were running out of ideas.. Oh well.


Just finished waching Saiko no Jinsei . Long time no see Yamapi! Actually this drama itself is two years old, so it is not a latest Yamapi. I love Yamapi but sometimes I think he can’t act some expressions out. Neevertheless, how can one not love my protective brother. I thought this drama was alright. Not one of the best dramas of Yamapi. Nevertheless, it had a few good momenets in the show.


Another show I recently watched was  Osozaki no Himawari. I mean besides the fact it had eye candy Ikuta Toma and maybe a good backend storyline, I found it kinda bland and predictive. I mean, there are so many other ways the drama could have been much better. Oh well.


I also felt the same way watching Majo Saiban. I mean there were so many ways the show could have been so much more interesting.


Another Ikuta Toma show that I wasn’t really fond off but was a big hit is Honey and Clover. I mean I would admit that the only reason I loved watching the show was for Ikuta Toma, but hey remember I hate romance drama which is mainly what the show is about, so yes that changes everything. I wonder if I might have liked it if it went all well for Ikuta Toma?


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  1. WOW you still are a fan of JDramas 😀 Haha btw I updated my blog already! And you can start on The Originals because there’s only 2 eps left till season 1 ends~~~

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