Farewell Merlin


As you know, I am hardly a fan of watching Korean dramas but for some reason, I randomly decided to watch Reply 1997. I don’t know if I was supposed to watch something else and ended up having this instead. It is still a mystery why I even had this show and decided to watch it. Anyhow, happily for me, it was one of the Korean dramas that I did enjoy and did not bore me.

merlin cast

And I’ve finally watched all seasons of I dream of Jeannie. I might have done that when I was in Primary School, but who cares, I have done it again. How nostalgic! And finally build up the courage to finish another one of my favourite shows – Merlin. 😦 I know so sad. Merlin too had so much memories for me being one of my favourite shows so it was hard to say goodbye. The first season of Merlin is still in my head though I watched it many many years ago! Oh well I can always rewatch it like I dream of Jeannie and re-live the moments 🙂


I also watched Lucky Seven. Thankfully it wasn’t that of a typically Japanese Detective drama. But then again there wasn’t really much detective work and mystery anyway. The focus was mainly on the clients and the impact the detectives had on the client.. So yeah it was alright and watchable and there is like 10 seconds of Koyama in every episode haha.


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