Chris chris chris

So I decided to start watching the new Star Trek and it had a cameo by someone soo familar. When I looked at him, I was like I know him! I know that guy! And I just couldn’t remember who he was. For some reason when I looked at him, the first thing that came to my mind was Captain America. I was like no he is not Chris Evans. Who is he? So familiar. I know him! His first name wasn’t mentioned initially so when I googled “Captain Kirk” it obviously came back as Chris Pine, which I clearly knew he wasn’t either. So finally someone said his first name and I googled it and viola, it was none other than:


Yup, our very own Thor – Chris Hemsworth. Not sure why I just got reminded of Captain America when I saw him and not Thor himself nor Loki nor the other Avengers… I know, my brain works in such mysterious ways..


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