$2 for lots of food

On Saturday, I went to buy the $2 Bacon and Egg Muffin from HungryJacks. I waited for about 5minutes after I ordered and realized that everyone who came before/after me was being served except me! Initially I thought it was because those people ordered other stuff and maybe they were still cooking my bacon and egg or something. However this lady came by and ordered a bacon and egg meal and they gave her the meal!!! I was super angry.

At that point, I just went, “I think you forgot my bacon and egg!!” and she started apologising and said she would give me an extra hashbrown. I collected the food and quickly left because I did not want to miss my train and have to wait for another 20minutes for the next one. So finally when I reached the station, I realized, she had given me 2 muffins and 2 hashbrowns.¬†Initially I got even more annoyed because it was far too much food for one person lor! And I couldn’t even go back and return the extra food because I was already in the train station.

But then I realized that one of the muffins she gave was the expensive one and altogether they were like above $10 but I got them all for the price of $2, which was pretty cool so I ended up eating the hashbrowns and giving away the muffins.


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