Luna and more Supanatural


I think the person I was most excited to meet was Evanna Lynch. As a huge Harry Potter fan, it was great honor having to had meet her. I think I was tooo nervous though. She was really nice and sweet but I was like still fangirling to an extent to properly speak to her and even in the photo with her I was still nervous. Hahha. I thought her panel was really good and she shared some interesting stories and insight and told her fangirl stories before she was cast in Harry Potter.


So Robbie had his arms over me, and we were all ready to take the photo when the cameraman suddenly walked away -_- It was like awkward and he was like “Okayyyyy we can cuddle then”. I wanted to say sure but it was really awkward so I ended up laughing instead. Then he asked me how my day was and I asked him back how he found Melbourne etc and we chatted for abit before the cameraman came back. He is really funny and nice as well, but yeah really awkwardly interesting experience.

Now for the Supanatural peeps. All four of them were awesome. Their panel was totes awesome. It was crazy, fun and just sooo much fun. All four of them had great personalites. However I only managed to get photo with Kim and Ty.


Ty Olsson was awesome! He was really energetic, funny and very engaging. I loved when he went around talking to everyone that was in line waiting to take photo with him, because Billy who was before him was still using the photobooth, so we were like majorly delayed for nearly an hour. That was really cool.


Kim Rhodes is soo awesome and I liked her she was soo nice and crazy and I absolutely loooved her. She just makes you feel soo comfortable.

Actually every cast member from Supanatural I have met soo far are just sooo nice, wonderful, lively and just so awesome to us fans.



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