Deka Wanko


Okay initially I was like wth when I found out that this show was about this girl who can “smell” out criminals. Apparantly she have such an excellent sense of smelling that she can sniff criminals out. And it is really weird how she goes around sniffing people like a dog. But then it sort of grows on you. At least there was Tegoshi! I missed Tegoshi!!! He has this pissed off scary look in this show, which even creeped me out! And then there was the reminder that Tegoshi is probably prettier than most girls when dressed up as one.


I know I stopped keeping up with NEWS ages ago…. I just saw the MV of Chankapana (which was released more than a year ago!) Actually it was the first time I am even hearing that song. Embarassing I know!  Anyhow a 2013 photo of my 4 brothers.



One comment

  1. Wow! U have been enjoying so many shows now nice! I’m getting sick of Korean shows soon and I will be diverting my attention to angmoh ones. Currently watching vampire diaries 😀 btw blog updated!

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