RIP Breaking Bad and Dexter

So less than a week ago, it was the finale of Dexter and upcoming is Breaking Bad’s finale.. These two shows are really good mystery thrillers.


Initially when I begun watching Dexter in 2009?, honestly I hated it. I found it draggy and boring even though it had a good plot. So I just stopped. But then I started watching more dramas and it made me really that Dexter was actually good if you could relate and understand Dexter. So I decided to rewatch it again last year and funnily enough, I fell in love with it. So much so I never felt it was boring and I found it really really good and suspensing.

Breaking bad

Breaking Bad is like super duper super awesome and it is in the World Guinness records for the highest rated tv series ever. I absolutely love the show and I would highly recommend it to everyone. I know of alot of people who do not watch dramas are bascially hooked on this show. So it is devastating that it’s time to say farewell to this show soon.

On other note, abit annoyed with the Japanese dramas. I watched Control recently


I would say this show is dissapointing because you would think that having a psychology professor to “solve” mysteries will make it more suspensing and thrilling.. but no. It is just a typical mystery drama. Urgh, they could have watched The Mentalist and took heaps of tips from the show and use them for this to make it more awesome. Personally I am getting sick and tired of all these Japanese mystery shows now. They aren’t good anymore. They are just predictive and repetitive.


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