Urgh draggy romance shows

Romance shows is definitely not my genre, which is why no matter how highly rated they are, if there is no humor involved, I would personally find it draggy. That is why I can’t stand watching Korean shows unless they are funny.


Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta is like the second Haruma Miura drama that I have watched this a month… I’m not a fan of romance dramas but I definitely prefer this to Hi wa mata noboru. This has abit more plot and sometimes keep you hooked. I also liked the fact that this drama dealt with issues and situations that are realistic. The pace was slightly slower and I think at certain scenes, it just took unneccesary zooming in and out of faces for like a minute just to show a reaction which was annoying.


Initially when the drama started, it reminded me of Boku Dake no Madonna. I would say that show focused more on the relationship between Takki and that actress that I forgot the name. I would say that personally I found it draggy..(yes I find all romance shows draggy because they are not my type) but nevertheless I did enjoy watching how the relationship between the two grew.


As an Yamapi fan, personally I found Buzzer Beat wayyy too draggy for me. I mean I did probably enjoy it and all, but I just wouldn’t rate it as my favorite. AND I HATED HIS HAIR IN THE SHOW!!!


And then there was Anego. I personally found Anego slightly more interesting for some reason. I mean some of the parts just make me roll my eyes and go as if, but I think other than the romance bit, there was also other interesting storyline going on which kept me engaged.


I would say that A million stars fall from the sky can be quite suspensing and engaging at times, but then again, I am not sure what made me annoyed because I found this wayyyyy to slow and draggy as well!



  1. Wah seems like you have been watching a lot of Jap dramas! I haven’t watched a single Jap drama ever since a few years ago..My last one was probably Galileo which they aired on tv a few years ago…Hmm currently I watching Korean stuff. Should start watching Jap dramas soon! But I won’t choose romance stuff haha draggy stuff I don’t like!

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