Disappointed with Cassandra Clare!


When I checked out Aidan Turner’s latest flimography and found out that he would be playing a small role in Mortal Instruments, I also happened to learn that Robert Sheehan would be playing one of the main roles! I absolutely love his character in Misfits. He plays the “irritating person in the group” soo well. So anyway, I decided to check out the trailer and it looked interesting. Then I also found out it was adapted from the books… I remember recently I decided to read the Hunger Games book before the movie and it was really really good! So I thought I might do the same.

I’m like 3/4 done with the first book, and though I would say that even though it seemed engaging to an extent, it was soo predictive and somewhat reminded me of Harry Potter and even had the Twilight love triangle. So, I decided to do a search and apparently, she’s pretty well known for her plagiarism and unoriginality (which explains why her book was so predictive!)

So disappointing! I’ll just finish off the first book, just for the sake that I’m almost there. But I don’t think I will bother reading rest of her books and waste my time… I will just watch the movies instead. Still annoyed that I wasted my time on her first book… Could have just stuck with watching the movie only instead.


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