11 nin mo iru!


This show has low ratings/viewership but I loved it. Though it lacked storyline, I thought it was a funny drama and something that helps you relax. It wasn’t too cheesy and not much overacting but it was funny to me once you related with the characters. I think it is a good comedic relief for family with young kids if they wanna watch something not so serious and abit light hearted. Also, Kamiki has grown up to be such a wonderful young man!


The boy who plays Saigo was really good and decided to check out if he acted in other shows and I had watched a couple of his shows including Saitou San and apparantly there’s a part 2 currently airing in Japan! I think I watched this show a couple of years ago and I did find it interesting and somewhat realistic as well the issues mothers face.

DEEP Wallpaper 3

The guy who acted as the kid’s uncle in the show looks so familiar. He just reminded me of someone I might know, but I just couldn’t think who! So I checked out the show’s he’s been in and apparantly the only one I had watched was Akihabara@Deep. I have not gotten a chance to watch the movie version but I thought the drama was nice… Or maybe only because Ikuta Toma was in it. It was interesting how they were all a group of outcast who found friendship with each other and help each other out. It was also another dramas that was abit on the funny side too.


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